I do not just coach anyone, to get signed-up for the program or see if we hit it off please contact me. Half-hour phone conversation is free with no obligation.

Coaching can work for you even if you are in a different country. Getting what you want out of this relationship is my primary goal and mission.

My coaching clients will pay up front a non-negotiable, non-refundable fee of $949

What you will get;

- Clear and balanced explanation of risk and benefits.

- Trading is a business and needs initial risk analysis and ongoing consultation. I can provide you both.

- Market analysis and knowledge transfer of how to start trading as a business part-time. And later easily convert to full-time.

- Comparison and analysis of portfolio choices, country risks commodity market analysis

- Explanation and examples how to use the "house's money" and never risk more that you can afford.

Most people misunderstand these areas:

- I tell you about all facets of trading, short term, long term etc.

- While I can provide you scripts, software and ideas to start on the right foot I rather not think of myself as a systems vendor, I charge for my research material since I coach for a very low fee...

- Trading is a perfect legal and a verifiable part time business for many. Rich and poor can do this. Do it part-time or as a full-time occupation.
If you can work in a job you enjoy it is better to trade part-time in the beginning.

- Unfortunately there are certain fraudulent promoters of day trading involving this business as with any business. However as a registered financial consultant I assure you that it is better to be in a business that make a little safely, part-time then lose a lot full-time

- I will teach you how to avoid the scams and only be involved with the real opportunity, like trading is.

- Lifetime support is included. e-Mail or phone - your choice...

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